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More Products! And Organizing Tips!

Hello There!  I've been busy in the shop this week, adding new and more coupon organizers, and also fiddling with the navigation in the shop!  I hope that you will be able to more easily find what you are looking for.  Adding options to find Coupon organizers by both large and small size should make things more streamlined when searching! I've also been periscoping about organizing tips all week long!  If you aren't on periscope, no worries!  I'll be adding all of the tips to my newsletter each week!  So, just click below and sign up!  These are quick and...

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October looks kind of like this

It's no secret that it is October ... and getting to be the end of October! This is pretty much my view every day ... Advent calendar city ... all over my work table.  This of course changes daily ... but some version of advent calendars .. always.  Throw a few wall pockets in there and my life is summed up. But, that view isn't everything ... and I need to get out sometimes ... to see this ... Ahhhh ... this is home.  A view from the driveway ... Peace, home ... why I love this place.  You can't...

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WooHoo! A new storefront!

I'm so excited to have this new storefront!  I hope you will come over and visit the blog occasionally!  This weekend we had our first frost, but I was able to harvest all the basil before it was zapped.  I'll be enjoying sundried tomato pesto during the winter, and that always makes me think of summertime! In the workshop I have several new things in the works!  I'm hoping to list some menu boards soon!  They will have a little chalkboard area to write menus, shopping lists, or recipes and also feature a bit of magnet board space to put...

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