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October looks kind of like this

It's no secret that it is October ... and getting to be the end of October!

This is pretty much my view every day ... Advent calendar city ... all over my work table.  This of course changes daily ... but some version of advent calendars .. always.  Throw a few wall pockets in there and my life is summed up.

Advent Calendars in Progress

But, that view isn't everything ... and I need to get out sometimes ... to see this ... Ahhhh ... this is home.  A view from the driveway ... Peace, home ... why I love this place.  You can't see the noisy cows from the neighboring farms, you can't see the cool crisp morning air, you can't see me in my pajamas behind the camera ... But this is the view that I work for ... the view that I get to come home to ... the view that keeps me centered ... I love this view! 


Now ... back to work ... I'll see this again later when I make a trip to the mail box! 

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